There is a relatively small segment of leaders in the business world; individuals who seem able to build relationships, trust, and rapport with almost anyone, and then are able to broker the relationships and make connections between people, creating partnerships and alliances, and motivating forward momentum to get things done.

Ana Liranzo is one of those people, and ‘getting things done’ and driving results – through collaboration, partnerships, and relationships – as an entrepreneur in the facilities management and maintenance industry, is what she is all about. With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude, Ana radiates a sincere passion for delivering value and benefits to her customers and business associates.

Having attended Kean University for her B.A. in Psychology, Ana diligently balances the many intricate aspects of her position as the CEO of Omega Maintenance Corp., which she also owns. Throughout the years, Ana has repeatedly proven her ability to lead through diverse and challenging situations. She is an excellent agent of change and has a documented track record of accomplishments that include the turnaround of chaotic and struggling operations; start-up and management of new and existing facilities; creation and launch of new and improved operational programs, and the expansion of existing facilities operations.

Today, Ana resides with her family in New Jersey, where she is active throughout the regional business community and has developed tremendous networking capabilities. As she has top-notch qualifications working in different environments and fields, it is challenging to put all her skills in a “box”. But what is absolutely clear, is that wherever she is involved she has a great deal of value to offer as her contributions will almost certainly include some combination of strategic planning, operations, partnership and alliance building, account management and customer relations, marketing, and fundraising.